Russia’s domestic Internet traffic mysteriously passes through Chinese routers

This isn’t a simple case of BRICS implementing their own Internet, to circumvent NSA spying… Russia’s Internet traffic has been passing through China, the purpose of which remains a mystery to the vast majority. -LW   Unexplained diversion underscores insecurity of Net’s global routing system. Domestic Internet traffic traveling inside the borders of Russia has […]

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Remix Tuesday // Stay Relevant or Die Trying

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World’s Biggest Cash Crops

Daily iconography. Stay hungry. Never, ever stop learning.


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From Hippie to Hipster, The Evolution

The Evolution
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The 101 Most Beautiful Words in English Countdown

My first journal was a Hannukah gift. I was 8 years old. My little diary eventually evolved into a series of blogs, including but not limited to: myspace, blogspot, wordpress, cityslide–you name it, I used it.

 My all time favorite blog “BeMused” was my secret outlet to freely explore my thoughts and feelings as I experienced the twisted + capricious underbelly of college life at USC.

Years later here I am. Missing writing. Loving the process of starting up again. And you know what–I have no shame! , F*ck It! Disclosing to the world BeMused

Explore my ideas. Make Connections. Laugh as you recognize a young woman blood-letting feelings in words and not frat parties.

I am wow’ed to continue to receive comments and support from readers around the world for my self-expression on BeMused.

27,000 Views for Post linked below // 70,500 Blog Views total

The 101 Most Beautiful Words in English Countdown.

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