Realm of the Dakini

This fleeting world A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream A flash of lightening in a summer cloud A flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream Yield and you need not break Bent you can straighten Emptied you can hold Torn you can mend

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Smooth Talk

“I am a dreamer. I know so little of real life that I just can’t help re-living such moments as these in my dreams, for such moments are something I have very rarely experienced. I am going to dream about you the whole night, the whole week, the whole year.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, White Nights

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Free Write #TBT

And then there was one. The individual cannot exists. There is one alone and thus ‘I’ i dissipates into the cyclic, carnivorous lungs of the ruthless carbon cycle. Gone. Duality is necessary to define one individual entity. Duality is the margin of error for motion. Motion is the breathing space and position between us, defining […]

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The 101 Most Beautiful Words in English Countdown

My first journal was a Hannukah gift. I was 8 years old. My little diary eventually evolved into a series of blogs, including but not limited to: myspace, blogspot, wordpress, cityslide–you name it, I used it.

 My all time favorite blog “BeMused” was my secret outlet to freely explore my thoughts and feelings as I experienced the twisted + capricious underbelly of college life at USC.

Years later here I am. Missing writing. Loving the process of starting up again. And you know what–I have no shame! , F*ck It! Disclosing to the world BeMused

Explore my ideas. Make Connections. Laugh as you recognize a young woman blood-letting feelings in words and not frat parties.

I am wow’ed to continue to receive comments and support from readers around the world for my self-expression on BeMused.

27,000 Views for Post linked below // 70,500 Blog Views total

The 101 Most Beautiful Words in English Countdown.

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